Road ID Review: You Need This!

This is not sponsored it’s just a rave! After every runner buys sneakers their very next purchase should be road ID. It’s cheap, high quality, lasts a lifetime and might just help save your life. We all buy things we hope we never need, insurance (used the hell out of that already this year), smoke... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 28

I'm not a morning exerciser but starting 1/2 marathon training means up and out the door, first thing at the crack of dawn. Well after coffee first thing at the crack of dawn. Needless to say I find it hard to get motivated for this but seeing the view at the bottom of the driveway... Continue Reading →

Why Running?!?

For as much as I yammer on about it running isn’t even my favourite way to stay fit. It’s at least 4th after biking, swimming and yoga at least, maybe even after that pole dancing class I took 10 years ago. I haven’t tried every sport so it might even be after those undiscovered loves... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 27

This picture took me three years to take lots of trying for just missed it! Taking a picture of lightning was most definitely on my bucket list! Finally Mother Nature obliged on my birthday two years ago. If it's been a while since you ran your fastest mile, your longest bike ride or your heaviest... Continue Reading →

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