About Sweat Sweetly

Hi I’m Allison,

Welcome to my blog! You really could find anything here depending on the day but it’s at least 75% health and fitness. A little more when I’m training for my next adventure. You’ll also find crafty stuff, work stuff and other life stuff about 25% of the time. For now, expect new in-depth posts on Wednesday and Sunday and a weekend motivation picture and short post on Fridays. I’m a casual competitor and a semi-serious exerciser and stuff doer. I won’t be telling you exactly how to do anything with no flexibility because well that’s just not me and really there’s enough of that out there! Long term readers might remember the blog as getwifed!

I’m a lot of things including a scientist and recreational dedicated middle of the pack athlete among other things. As I started going for bigger and bigger challenges I was frustrated looking for material that seemed like it was made for me. Everything out there seemed to be geared toward the near-elites or just for newbies. What about the people who are doing their best on the regular, shouldn’t they be treated like they were important too? After all, we’re the biggest group at every start line! Even though we know we’re not going to place even third our concerns and questions are important too!

Over the years Sweat Sweetly has really evolved into a space for regular, dedicated, busy recreational athletes. Not that newbies won’t find lots of content here that’s useful and if you’re an elite and you find something useful that’s great too! As a biologist, I was also sick of reading not even pseudo-science stuff about losing belly fat and how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. All of the posts you read on here digging into the science of a given issue are well-researched, not only based in fact but on peer-reviewed articles too. I want to curate a place where the information is good, tips are from the heart and we can all have a little bit of fun!

I’m engaged in a lot of different projects on any given day sometimes alone but more often with my partner in life, work and adventuring Richard. You can describe my projects, our life together and me with many different adjectives including but not limited to fun, creative, scientific, imperfect, authentic, crafty, cute and loving. Sweat Sweetly is a place and a space for me (and therefore us) to share a bit of our life with all of you.

My sometimes wild days, traditional education and settling down years are behind me, but I’m not done having fun! A weekend used to mean cocktails and sleeping in, but now the possibilities are endless. It might be a race, growing a business, planting a new garden or a photoshoot with me as the photographer and this is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting! I suspect I’m not the only one who finds this stage of life to be just awesome. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about Sweat Sweetly!

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