The Science of Skincare Ingredients

If you read the about me portion of this blog you’ll notice a blurb about being a lady of a certain age no matter your marital status. Things have certainly changed for me since my early 20’s and that’s what getwifed is all about.  One of those thing that starts to be a concern when... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 39

Summer work season is in full swing now and there is no more pretending it isn't happening. I don't think we've gotten home before the solar lights decided it was night time in at least two weeks but truthfully I'm already loosing track. But it doesn't always suck! In fact it rarely out and out... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 38

This picture was taken about 6 years ago on a trip to the seaside shanty in Chester. It was one of those impossibly perfect and calm days only made better by a nice date night. This weekend I'll finally tackle that half after months of training. It was only by taking time to reflect on... Continue Reading →

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