Spring Fitness Finds 2018

I know, I know this is a tad late for spring but these are the things I legit discovered this spring or saved me this year. This is in no way sponsored or contains any affiliate links it’s just 100% stuff I loved while training for my half marathon this spring. Now a word about... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 37

I actually took this sky picture accidentally while shooting my sister's maternity photos this past weekend. Hooray for happy accidents and it's way better than the one I took of my own feet. No matter how old or young you are there is still time to live out your dreams it just matter's how hard... Continue Reading →

Half Update 11: Peak Week is Here!

The best part about peak week is the fast that it’s comprised of all your biggest training runs AND that they are the VERY LAST ones! That and you feel like a super hero. But I’ve also been tiered, wharfing and getting life stuff crossed off the checklist now that we’ve moved on job wise.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 36

Well we're finally done in Peggy's Cove... for now. So this week's Peggy's Cove picture is probably the last one for a while. I took this still from a video I shot on a day when the waves were absolutely dramatic at the tail end of the storm. It made me think how much the... Continue Reading →

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