How Sore Abs Mess With Your Mind

Alright so if you’re a lifter feel free to laugh at me, because you should, But getting (catching?) sore abs messes with my head and somehow always seems to catch me by surprise. You can tell me that lifting weights is the best cross training for runners and you’d be right but I still prefer... Continue Reading →

Navy 10k 2019: Race Recap

I talked just a little bit about this race in my last half training update but that was just a little teaser to get you to read this post. And it worked! See I’m really smart. I signed up for this one way, way back when I was feeling all itchy to race. I was... Continue Reading →

Visualizations for Runners

Running is hard, hard physically and hard mentally especially when you are training for a certain goal distance or pace. It can and does beat up your body a bit, logistically its hard to fit in sometimes and it can play tricks on your head. While all of that stuff is hard it also makes... Continue Reading →

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