50 Excuses Runners Use

We’re a bit overdue for a funny, silly post around here. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. Runners are often viewed as dependable, motivated and disciplined type people. Ha ha ha that’s not true we spend almost as much time making excuses about running as we actually do running! Most of the time... Continue Reading →

How to Run in the Freezing Cold

Guess what I’m Canadian and in Canada it get’s freezing F-ing cold. I also run outside at least once every single week, every single month of the year. We’ve certainly seen some dramatic warming trends the last few years but we can reliably count on 4-8 weeks of truly frigid temperatures. How cold? The kind... Continue Reading →

Is There Really a Problem with BMI?

If you’ve ever been underweight, overweight or on the internet you probably heard about BMI or body mass index. You’ve probably also head there might be issues with using BMI as a measure of health. But is that even true? Is BMI the most important number indicating health or something you can basically ignore. Today... Continue Reading →

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