Returning to a Running Plan

Tis' a weird time to be a runner isn’t it? It turns out it really is going to be a whole year without racing. Our favorite family reindeer run is canceled this year too. Sad face. Personally I took the summer to focus on other things like work and growing a new business which went... Continue Reading →

The Science of Hitting the Wall

We’ve all heard about it, many of us have seen it happen on race day and we might have even experienced it at one point. Whether you call it boinking, tapping out or hitting the wall it’s something most athletes are aware of. I feel like it has happened to me years ago on the... Continue Reading →

7 Runner Humble Brags (to avoid)

I think everyone does it from time to time but there really is nothing worse than the humble brag. Maybe a few things are, but it’s still pretty bad! They can take many forms but they could be a complaint about an actual accomplishment, burring the lead or a dismissive tone. Humble brags aren’t specific... Continue Reading →

Can you Hop Around in Fitness?

Sure you can! Alright, post done see you all on Wednesday then! Lets the start with why you’re asking that questioning the first place. In life and in fitness we tend to view dedication as a good thing, that’s what leads to accomplishment after all. If you want to get good at something or even... Continue Reading →

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