Weekend Motivation 39


Summer work season is in full swing now and there is no more pretending it isn’t happening. I don’t think we’ve gotten home before the solar lights decided it was night time in at least two weeks but truthfully I’m already loosing track. But it doesn’t always suck! In fact it rarely out and out sucks but tonight was pretty awesome. I was our big boating night were we team up with another local marine company to haul our big stuff. It takes a long time and tonight it was flat calm on the bay at least on the way out and I took this picture of our wake (the ripples behind the boat). The last few years I’ve done ship to shore driving around stuff those days but tonight I got to ride along. It made me think about how our past isn’t something we can escape or really that we should even want to. It make us who we are and makes us stronger. But if you feel stuck in it remember that it’s there and it’s over but every new day is filled with endless possibilities to be the best one so far!

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