How to Choose a Yoga Mat

Buying the wrong yoga mat once derailed my practice for over a year! But then again I might be a special case. I had two perfectly crappy cheap yoga mats that when you layered on top of each other added up to one perfectly good mat. Then my condo flooded. I got to buy two... Continue Reading →

How to Take Better Pictures Tomorrow

We all want to take better pictures no matter what camera you have, even if that's the one on your phone. These tips are truly easy, not switch to manual mode and extolling the virtues of manual focus. With summer (supposedly) around the corner you might want to get the prefect beach shot, landscape, flowers... Continue Reading →

How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden!

It's time, well it's almost time. Fine, we had two snow storms this week but a girl can dream right? I was raised by a gardening power couple, picture the Jay-Z and Beyonce of gardening, maybe more like Bill and Hillary? We'll circle back to that, Maybe. It might skip a generation, But I like... Continue Reading →

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