What is a reverse taper?

Race season is finally behind us for another year or it will be very soon. You might be thinking what comes next? How much rest do I need after this? How much should I run now? Or you might even have a hard time remembering what it feels like to run a ‘normal’ amount. First... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 197

Ahhhh.... Marathon training is done, the days are getting shorter and we're home earlier. I'm back to teaching a couple of evenings a week and back to working on my own without anyone else to keep busy. So things are getting back to normal around here and while I'm still a little busy it's more... Continue Reading →

8 Taper time tips

Tapering off at the end of a training plan can make for some rough patches. Rough patches in your mental health, in your anxiety specifically and in the lives of anyone who happens to be around you. It has been for me at least sometimes. There is a consensus in the peer reviewed literature that... Continue Reading →

5 reasons to skip a run

Do you want to know a secret while all runs in your plan are important the people that write them for you don’t really expect that you will do every single one. But how can both of those things be true. Well we get that things come up and life happens along the way and... Continue Reading →

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