Weekend Motivation 197

Ahhhh…. Marathon training is done, the days are getting shorter and we’re home earlier. I’m back to teaching a couple of evenings a week and back to working on my own without anyone else to keep busy. So things are getting back to normal around here and while I’m still a little busy it’s more of a ticking along busy rather than an all out busy. I’ve been in a great mood lately and to be honest it was just today I’ve noticed I don’t really have much on my mind. While there’s still a bit more to do we’ve made it through another season in training, in work and not to be dramatic but in life. There were some bumps in the road as always but everything got done and we all came out the other side happy, healthy and with more love around us than we wen’t into it all with.

I like the stability of routines more than most but there’s something to be said for these boring old routines we get into. It’s like a comfortable pair of pants and the best pair of slippers at the same time. We don’t often celebrate the regular times in our life but we should! For the last 4 months I haven’t been thinking about my future goals. Busier times just don’t allow me that luxury. But as my days get a wee bit shorter and what I need to do in a day is easy to fit in I’m thinking about the things I would like to accomplish. I’ve already found the motivation to get some of those bigger cleaning and organization tasks done I never seem to have when I’m slammed.

There’s one type of progress that comes from the hustle and the grind but a whole other level that can only happen when we have a quiet mind. That’s the type of progress and deeper thought that supports those periods of high activity and keeps us actually achieving our goals. We need to think of these times of ‘just routine’ differently. It’s not boring it’s mentally restful, it’s not quiet it’s calm and you’re not in a rut, you’re planning. Just like any tool we can’t preform at or near our peak performance all the time we need that down time and maintenance. Otherwise the tool or you are just going to end up useless and totally burnt out. If you find yourself in a more routine time, or you’re about to be, try to think about that as a great thing and not a less than thing. Take some time this weekend and notice of the ways you move forward in those restful times. Maybe even go for a long walk while you do. Those quiet times really are the times that change our trajectory.

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