Summer Bucket List: Free Printable

What would you like to do this summer? What will you do if you don't actually plan it? The answer probably Netflix and Chill, probably with beer. Then the summer will be gone, it will be back to school, then frost and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, Yikes! So let's sit down and make a plan... Continue Reading →

Bluenose 10K: Race Recap

This was my second time officially running in bluenose marathon weekend festivities. I did the 10 k last year, in a lot of pain but got a PR none the less, to be fair I hadn't run many 10k's. One time I sort of ran a bit of the 5k as a bandit in a... Continue Reading →

Stupid Things Runners Do

This isn't a tongue in cheek funny post,┬ánot run 26.2 miles in a row, not run up the same hill over and over, this is literally about stupid things that runners do. I've done some of it other stuff I would never do, unfortunately some of it I might do again. If you're doing this... Continue Reading →

How to Find your Groove on Long Runs

Oh the long run. Like a regular run only nerve wracking, fear inducing and generally anxiety producing. Well this post will get you started on finding your long run groove. I probably watched it and don't remember is but its what comes to mind when you think of the movie 'how Stella got her groove... Continue Reading →

Running Gear Worth Investing In

How much money could I spend in sport check if allowed, thousands. That sentence would surprise 25 year old me so much there just aren't words. How much do I spend? Actually about $500 a year. Some of the stuff I'll be listing here surprises 25 year old me to no end too. A lot... Continue Reading →

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