Summer Bucket List: Free Printable

What would you like to do this summer? What will you do if you don’t actually plan it? The answer probably Netflix and Chill, probably with beer. Then the summer will be gone, it will be back to school, then frost and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, Yikes!

So let’s sit down and make a plan then. What do you want to do this summer? Is it a project like build a new deck, plant your first vegetable garden or finally clear the back yard. Is there a tonne of fun stuff you want to do? A nearby hike, a firework’s display or a festival you’ve always want to go to. Do you want to spend more time with family and friends or go visit someone? We tend to have more free time in the summer with vacations, lighter work schedules and long days so it’s a great time to make a change in your life too. Summer is a great time to get fitter, make a diet change, break a bad habit or just get into a routine of taking care of yourself better. That might even mean taking it easy if your life is all together too stressful. From right now until the September long weekend you have 90 days, 14 weekends and three of those are long ones (in Canada anyway)! Maybe its just a list of little things you want to do that are special, I have some suggestions too! You might even work to crossing one thing off your ultimate bucket list this year.

But all this takes money right? Well not necessarily and not always a lot. Say your picking something that does cost is there a place you could cut that you won’t miss? Less beer on the deck, no shopping for clothes or the home, take your lunch, clean your own house or grab some extra shifts while others are on vacation. Could you skip that expensive concert or eating out, is there crap lying around your house you’ve been meaning to sell?

So go ahead print off this pretty little list, fill it out and post it on your fridge, it’s free! You can use it if you want to accomplish one big thing this summer, break down your big thing into smaller weekly goals. Or it can be a series of smaller things so that you actually have a fun summer this year! Doing something fun means you’ll have a bunch of great memories once the weather turns cold rather than thinking summer 2017 was just another one that got away. So start off by writing your goal at the top on the ‘beach’.

Then list realistically what would you have spent your time doing otherwise. TV reruns (does anyone watch reruns anymore?), sitting on the couch and ordering in and laying out on your own lawn aren’t the things lasting memories are made of. So list a few things that would have eaten up your time this summer at the start. If your bucket list will cost a bit of money brainstorm some ideas for finding some! Break it down week by week and remind your self why you made this list and your done! If you don’t make a plan, this summer will be just like the last one.

summer bucket list
Check out the printer friendly link at the bottom below

If your looking for some inspiration for those 14 lines here are 30 things you might consider

  1. Go for a picnic
  2. Discover and visit a new swimming/ fishing hole
  3. Actually use your bike
  4. Join a new club or sign up for a class
  5. Try to grow some food (apartment pot gardening post up coming)
  6. Run your first 5k in the fall
  7. Get into an evening walk habit
  8. Improve your home value by landscaping
  9. Get your kids involved in a cause
  10. Mini-golf
  11. Host a BBQ for your neighbours or friends, or both
  12. Do that great local hike
  13. Go camping (you can always borrow gear)
  14. Set up a DIY slip and slide
  15. Have a farmer’s market morning date
  16. May your own jam (buy jars and rings used, just get new tops)
  17. Have a water balloon fight
  18. Blow bubbles
  19. Decorate your lawn with spray paint, it’ll grow out
  20. Paint rocks for your yard
  21. Digitize your family recipes
  22. Have a fancy garden tea party with your friends, maybe with wine in teacups
  23. Fly a kite on a windy day
  24. Have a yard sale
  25. See a play in the park
  26. Play board games on a rainy day
  27. Investigate free summer activities through your municipality
  28. Stargaze with a free app
  29. Celebrate the equinox
  30. Go all out for a holiday or celebrate Christmas in July

Click here to download your summer bucket list as a printer friendly PDF.

What’s going on your summer bucket list for 2017?

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