Happy Canada Day!

In Canada today is the official kick off to summer whatever that means for you. It’s also the day we celebrate what it means to be Canadian. It might be race season, boat season, beach season or gardening season. It’s the start of the few months of the year where the weather is reliably not... Continue Reading →

My 10 Favorite Fitness YouTubers

No races and lockdown means YouTube is the big winner in the first half of 2020 so far. Honey has a YouTube channel about remote controls and he’s been doing pretty well with it lately too. I occasionally make an appearance on there but if you appreciate the cinematography on there, you're welcome! I figured... Continue Reading →

What is Self-Care Really?

Buckle up folks because I’m about to get all sorts of salty. I’m sick and tiered of seeing pictures of bubble baths, face masks, cheesecakes, glasses of wine and pretty nails with #selfcare. Those things are really just treats if I’m feeling gentle or hedonistic indulgences if I’m not. Self care has mostly morphed into... Continue Reading →

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