7+ Go to Garbage Meals

So… I don’t meal plan. I actually did when we were in lockdown briefly and it was great, less food waste and time wasted every week. Sometimes when we’re super busy I don’t cook at all for weeks at a time. In the winter I cook at least 2 meals a day at home but... Continue Reading →

How Conspiracies Hurt us All

Ultimately conspiracies come from the fact that historically some information was suppressed or maybe unknown. I’m not a conspiracy believer as a whole but for a time I did watch a few of those ‘inside job’ films. They did make me question stuff too for a time, so I see how people do go down... Continue Reading →

Should Everyone Get a Medal?

Lots of opinion pieces have been written with the thesis that giving a medal to everyone is the genesis of a generation of entitled snowflakes. You might think a certain generation is like that but it probably has to do with a whole lot more than the medals they received as children. But… when I... Continue Reading →

Happy Canada Day!

In Canada today is the official kick off to summer whatever that means for you. It’s also the day we celebrate what it means to be Canadian. It might be race season, boat season, beach season or gardening season. It’s the start of the few months of the year where the weather is reliably not... Continue Reading →

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