Happy Canada Day!

In Canada today is the official kick off to summer whatever that means for you. It’s also the day we celebrate what it means to be Canadian. It might be race season, boat season, beach season or gardening season. It’s the start of the few months of the year where the weather is reliably not going to suck so enjoy it! This Canada day is different for sure but as a country we have a whole lot to celebrate this year too. We’ve all done a great job sacrificing and following the rules and it’s finally starting to pay off, just in time for the best part of the year! 

This is a time of the year where we work hard but we do some of our favorite things too. Lots of weekends for at least part of the weekend you’ll find us tied up in a long line of boats at an Island at the head of the bay we live and work in. The reasons we love it there are all the cliches of how Canadians are and what Canadians do. You can show up thirsty, hungry and cold and with in 15 minutes you’ll be handed a snack and drink and a sweater. After all we’re all so nice and polite right? People arrive in big old converted Capes, luxury new cabin cruisers, speedboats or like us little inflatables and just take the next spot in line. It doesn’t matter how you got there as long as you’re on the water to anyone. If the conversation is great we’re just as likely to grab a tow home and keep the party going on the big boat at the end of the evening too. Sometimes the owner has loaned their boat to a fiend or family member so you end up making friends with those people for a day when you get there. You can see why we make it a priority to get out there most weeks.

While we’re there we also do really Canadian things. Someone always jumps off the flying bridge, catches a mackerel, grills for the crowd and drinks a beer. We swim, search for sea shells and some people even camp on the boats (or the island) for the night. There are at least 4 bonfire sites, benches, maintained paths and beaches on two sides. It really is a perfect Canadian spot. Of course boating isn’t the only way to embrace summer in Canada. Maybe you’re into camping, canoeing, hiking or sailing or some other classic Canadian summer activity. This time of year there’s lots of great ones to choose from. One thing I love about Canada is how all summer long we make time to do what we love and we all jump in with both feet. 

While this year might be a bit different I’m sure we’re all happy that things are opening back up.  Not everything I love to do in the summer is available (like races) but being able to get out on the water and see a few friends this summer is something I’m more grateful than I ever thought I would be. So now that summer is officially here it’s time to jump in with both feet to any activity you get to do this summer. Let’s all pat each other on the back for getting this far in time for summer. I encourage everyone to focus on getting to do the things you can do this summer and let go of what you can’t for the next few months.

I hope every Canadian out there has a great Canada Day and a wonderful summer ahead. Happy Canada Day everyone! Let’s all do our best to keep each other healthy and safe this summer!

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