Weekend Motivation 48

Guess what you guys, I didn't get my Wednesday post up this week about my triathlon update. For two reasons one is it's going to be a lot longer than average because it was more happened than I expected so it's not ready. And... I was just too busy having fun this week. After all... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 47

For some friends and acquaintances today was not such a great day and so we spent the day helping out and fishing lots of fishing. I know we've all had those days where the main thing keeping us going is the thought that this day must end eventually. Hell I have one every second month.... Continue Reading →

Basic Cycling Etiquette

Alright I get it cycling got cool again a few years ago especially amongst hipsters and then baby boomers which then sorta drove the hipsters away. But it’s actually been and established thing for a while now so if you’re gonna do it, do it right! This post was brought on by a large group... Continue Reading →

Basic Running Etiquette

This post was actually inspired by some kinda crappy cyclists on the trail but I figured runners might need a hand too and the cycling portion will be here on Wednesday, swimmers you’re on your own! Now there are lots of other posts out there on this sort of thing but all we’re missing something... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 46

I took this photo last weekend in the three peninsulas area near Lunnenburg. We were there to visit with a customer and eat some yummy lunch plus we also got to go on a really neat boat ride. It was one of those situations where you take lots of pictures but nothing can really compare... Continue Reading →

Weird Things About Boating Culture

There’s a joke in boating circles that it’s not really a boat but rather a hole in the ocean into which you throw money. But actually it’s not a joke maybe we’ll get into that in another post all the hidden costs of owning a boat and there are a lot but… that’s not what... Continue Reading →

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