Weekend Motivation 46

path to choose

I took this photo last weekend in the three peninsulas area near Lunnenburg. We were there to visit with a customer and eat some yummy lunch plus we also got to go on a really neat boat ride. It was one of those situations where you take lots of pictures but nothing can really compare to actually being there. All of Nova Scotia’s coastlines are beautiful this area was truly unique and breathtaking. Actually is there anywhere in the world where people are saying, “OMG close the curtains that view of the ocean is hurting my eyes?” We were in a 20 foot boat that was about 5 feet wide (but I’m a bad estimator) but we saw so many kayakers and I desperately wanted to come back with my paddle board and buy a waterproof housing for my camera (cut to ebay shopping). In fact swimming there would even be amazing and we only explored one of the peninsulas! Our host was even telling us that the area is famous the world over with painters and I can see why.

But to the point of all this when I was looking at the pictures when I got home I was looking at the pictures and I saw this one. It kind of made me look twice because not matter where you are sometimes you unexpectedly find yourself at a fork in the road or the ocean in this case. Sometimes there’s a wrong path and in this case that could have been dangerous or even disastrous. But you have to choose a path and go down it. For us we had to trust out host and sometimes you need to find an expert with the decision you have to make too. But most decisions don’t have a wrong path even if they do you can always turn around. This weekend get out there and live and if you have to decide what path to take just pick one and don’t stay stopped deciding for too long, something amazing is probably just around the bend!

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