Frostbite 5 Miler: Race Recap

Last year I started doing race recaps and last year I did all those fun races I always wanted to try as a goal after triathlon training fell through, well the race did anyway. But The Frostbite Five Miler is actually one I’ve done before and it was lots of fun! It’s actually a really... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 26

I took this picture many years ago on one of my first walks with my brand new camera (at the time). Since then the shutter has closed over 17 000 times but not enough recently. I love the contrast of the still water upstream and the movement below. You have those two options this weekend... Continue Reading →

Content Thief: Equilibreplus Exposed

You know what sucks having your content stolen. And if you're a blogger, especially a wordpress blogger you need to be monitoring this site! It happened to me for the first time late last November and again this past week. This site is totally made up of stolen content and outside video content wordpress bloggers... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 25

When I made the switch to digital I treated it a lot like film but it's not. Then one of my favourite photographers made the point the one thing digital images have that film never will is editing options. This picture was taken on a VERY dark and stormy day about 60 m from the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 24

You might have noticed by now that I also love to dabble in photography. My mom wanted me to come over and take a picture of this clematis for her since it was just perfect that year! I had it framed and gave it to her for Christmas too! I love that running let's you... Continue Reading →

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