Living in a Fit Healthy Body vs. an Unhealthy One

I decided to put this infographic together to highlight the dichotomy between living in a healthy fit body vs. an unhealthy one. I worry about certain people I love a lot and I’ve lost some too because of unhealthy choices. When I spend time thinking about this it really does hit me as an either or situation. Plus the way health trends are going I worry for about 60% of us and somebody loves all of those people too. I’ve longed joked that my how Miss America saves the world answer would be for every adult to spend the week in a healthy fit body because if they could see how amazing it felt they would take better care of themselves and everyone would have a better, longer life.

I’ve generally been pretty healthy and fit save for about 3 years at the end of grad school which is stressful in and of itself. My supervisor was largely gone on medical leave, he had a big lab and it fell to me to run it since no-one else was helping. My scholarship was running out so I was working evenings and nights all totalled about 85 hours every week. Other stuff in my life was falling away and many of my choices went from healthy to most convenient. Once school was over I was dying to change my life. This can and likely will happen in any fit person’t life but once you have experienced the fit healthy body you will eventually work to get it back.

So I know what it’s like to live in both and I really believe that cheesy how would you change the world answer. This is a bit different than the usual style of post I do so I’d love any feedback on it. Thanks and enjoy!

healthy body


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