Weekend Motivation 102

I don’t know about all of you but I’m reaching that point in my training cycle where things are getting, well a bit nuts. Where people ask you what you’re doing later and you have to say things like “running 16 km and eating all the carbs.” Then they look at you in disbelief, shake their heads and you can tell they think you’re nuts. Let’s be honest, we are a little bit nuts right? There was a time I saved my energy in the afternoon for a night out at a cabaret until 3 am but now it’s so I can run to the next county with several lights and reflectors strapped to myself. They just don’t understand why ANYONE would ever do what we do on purpose.

The thing is though we get it and they really don’t have to. No matter how many times or ways I try to explain it I never seem to do a good job. One thing is living in a fit and healthy body compares to no drug out there. Even when you wake up tiered from your long run you still wake up feeling strong. You know your body can do anything you want it to and its way more than just an assemblage of parts, although those parts do look pretty good too. The energy you have could make you your first million if only you could find a way to bottle it and did I mention all of the carbs?

Then there is race day, well race day and the build up to it. All that training is fun but also hard. The thing is that’s pretty much the setup for the biggest dopamine rush money can buy and there’s no chance of a bad trip. The serotonin after all those training workouts isn’t bad either. Plus any attention you get for all of it is guaranteed to be the right sort of attention. All that physical stuff though it is great, pales in comparison to the mental benefits which I’ve never even come close to finding the words to describe adequately. So even though you might be making some pretty big sacrifices now and people are starting to look at you funny this weekend take some time to reflect on why you’re doing what you are, and let me tell you how awesome I think you are!

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