Weekend Motivation 44

I think that if we're all honest with ourselves we'd rather be in control of any given situation than not. I also think that a big part of being a truly happy balanced person is being ok with that uncertainty and even embracing it. Maybe it's something that comes with age or life experience but... Continue Reading →

Unorthodox Reasons Not to Waste

Wasting is sort of what our culture has come to now isn’t it. Buying the newest thing, following the freshest trend and upgrading is all we want right now plus we’re told we deserve it. Fixing things that are old and broken, buying something once for the long run and making do with what you... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 43

My phone shot this picture accidentally while I was posing for today's workout selfie. You can see all the indents of the bikes and vehicles that passed in the last two days since we've had a driving rain in the middle of nowhere. Not a runfie tonight but maybe a bikie? It was actually a... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 42

Mornings aren't for running for every one, but even I'll admit it's a pretty great way to start the day. With warmer weather upon us (eventually here) the morning is the coolest part of the day even compared to the late evening. Training for a half at Bluenose this year meant lots of morning runs... Continue Reading →

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