Weekend Motivation 43

make it to the end

My phone shot this picture accidentally while I was posing for today’s workout selfie. You can see all the indents of the bikes and vehicles that passed in the last two days since we’ve had a driving rain in the middle of nowhere. Not a runfie tonight but maybe a bikie? It was actually a tough ride, well the last 16 km of 46 km were really tough. The first 25 km were amazing and I probably went out too hot. I really considered calling in for a pickup but I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone and it was about 7 km to a driveway that I didn’t even know how to describe if I did call. As long as I was going 8 more I might as well finish right? I did decide if I saw an ATV (quad) I would hitch a lift but I only met bunnies and chipmunks on the trail tonight. When I saw this picture after I returned home it made me think that even if the path (literal or figurative) you’re on seems impossible to walk and you feel all alone lots of people have walked it before you. They all made it to the end and chances are you will too!

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