Weekend Motivation 106

Runners, athletes and especially endurance athletes hear it all the time. "I could NEVER do that." It seems though as much as you reassure them that they could no one ever believes you. At least once or twice a year I line up and do something that was in fact truly impossible for me just... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 105

Maybe you're done for the season, good for you and sorry about the FOMO you're currently experiencing BTW. I'm not quite done yet, in fact it's peak week and it's getting hard ya'll. But on race day I'll be stoked I did all this hard training. This week I even picked up my super cute... Continue Reading →

How Sore Abs Mess With Your Mind

Alright so if you’re a lifter feel free to laugh at me, because you should, But getting (catching?) sore abs messes with my head and somehow always seems to catch me by surprise. You can tell me that lifting weights is the best cross training for runners and you’d be right but I still prefer... Continue Reading →

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