Weekend Motivation 108

A picture says a thousand words right? Well not always, sometimes what your missing is the larger context and sometime that doesn’t fit into a picture at all. But what you see in a picture really is up to you. We’re working in a new community for us this week and for the next little while which is always challenging and a bit exciting. Meeting new people, trying new lunch spots and this week actually getting cheers from neighbors for having a girl on site have all been great. Dealing with new lumber yards, new products and a new county’s construction debris laws well that’s more challenging but it could all go either way too.

I got to go for a run on Sunday there in a new very pretty spot and I took this picture. You might look at this picture and think well that’s two entitled d-bags that are in a race to out boat each other. You might still be right but take a closer look at those houses they’re pretty small right? The region of the province that I live in is a loosely connected string of perfectly pretty impossibly beautiful little desirable towns where celebrities and business moguls alike own homes. Plus us regular people too. Well where we’re working right now is NOT one of those towns, it’s still beautiful for sure but the home prices are uncharacteristically low. It’s one of those ‘in between’ stretches of road. But it’s pretty much the last spot within an hour of the city where you can buy an oceanfront home for a legitimately low price. The town’s shore too is crazy protected by a series of islands and where this picture was taken is an amazing hurricane hole with deep anchorage besides. In fact I’m hard pressed to think of another place on the whole south shore this protected with enough water for these boats at the dock!

What I see here is two hard-core sailors who choose to live somewhere that can be a bit of a punch line because they love to sail. They’ve forgone a fancy address, a big home and a certain lifestyle to make their dreams come true. While I might not have the same dream to own my own tall ship or the gumption to make that happen I think these two are pretty cool and I hope that they are friends! When I meet multi-millionaires that choose to send their kids to the same public school I went to, that choose to drive a beat up old car or open their personal home as a gallery for local artists and donate their proceeds to charity it stands out to me. The same is true when I meet a regular person who sails around the world regularly, gets numerous community initiatives off the ground or a school principle who tutors students for free every night for 40 years that stands out too. It’s those people that let their priorities be their own and THAT takes courage!

Deciding to challenge yourself in the fitness world can be a little like that too. So can casting off societal norms and doing what’s best for you and your health. Maybe it’s not quite the same as parking your own sailing yacht at your cottage house but it’s still something. So this weekend while you’re out there when others are sleeping, brunching or shopping celebrate the fact that you’ve decided to do you by prioritizing life differently!

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