Weekend Motivation 192

Bad habits are hard to break and good ones are hard to start. But what if you've gone back to something you've given up or lapsed from something you should be doing I'm here to tell you not all hope is lost! Though it doesn't usually feel that way. When we have a back-slip it... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 191

Depending on where you live things might be returning to normal. At the very least people might be saying things will return to normal soon. Well normal-ish. That means how we use our time is going to be changing too. For a lot of people time has been a lot more flexible a concept over... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 190

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are working over 40 hours a week. But they do call it a ‘job’ and ‘work’ for a reason. Truthfully we probably spend more of our conscious hours at work than anywhere else. Yes it would be nice if we all liked our jobs so... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 189

The last year or so, we've all been putting a lot of things off. Big things like weddings, honeymoons, races and so much more. That really got me thinking about how often we all do that in regular times too. We're often told that putting things off is the responsible thing to do and it... Continue Reading →

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