Weekend Motivation 190

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are working over 40 hours a week. But they do call it a ‘job’ and ‘work’ for a reason. Truthfully we probably spend more of our conscious hours at work than anywhere else. Yes it would be nice if we all liked our jobs so much that we would actually do it for free that just isn’t a reality. Maybe you love working from home or maybe it’s the worst things ever. I’m pretty lucky in that even though I work long hours and it can sometimes be hard, I really love my job. However, this last week I spent like 20 hours or more pulling one specific weed out of a very big lawn. There’s still a lot left to go… Now this is not my favorite way to spend my time, it’s not even my 47th favorite way to spend my time.

I kept reminding myself that I have done way worse things for less money in the past and this wasn’t so bad. In fact there was still a lot of things I love about my job that were still totally true. Most of the places I work are stunning oceanfront places so that view was still pretty great. I love listing to CBC all day and that was still true too. You’ll never find me camping or even really hiking but spending all day outdoors is still good for the soul.

Lots of people spend all their time at work hating their jobs, I get it and I have too. Changing your job isn’t always an option especially now. But I bet if you give it some thought there’s actually a long list of things you like about it a lot. You might hate your boss but love you co-workers. Maybe the work is boring and repetitive but people either really need or appreciate the end product. Hell, you might hate everything except the salary. Maybe the commute sucks but the social contact is something you really need.

Spending your whole life hating your job isn’t productive in any way shape or form. So this weekend, or on your next break from work take some time for yourself, get moving and think about some aspects of it you really do like. I bet there are some things you even love about it on some level. Maybe even write that down and keep it where you get ready for work each day. I promise it might even make this Monday suck just a little bit less!

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  1. I’m 50 years old, and I’ve never found a job I loved, so over the years I’ve worked out a way to live more frugally and these days I only work 24 hours (3 days) per week instead of 40. It’s the best decision I ever made, and the bonus is that now I actually appreciate the hours I’m at the office, because I see that time as part of my participation in the community and I enjoy catching up on all my colleagues’ news :).

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