Weekend Motivation 191

Depending on where you live things might be returning to normal. At the very least people might be saying things will return to normal soon. Well normal-ish. That means how we use our time is going to be changing too. For a lot of people time has been a lot more flexible a concept over the last year or so. Your social obligations are gone and you might just have to get your work done. When you do it might matter a whole lot less right now. The truth is in normal times we give a lot of control of our time away when we don’t really have to.

Over the last year we’ve all learned that we can in fact work effectively from home, at least sometimes. We now know that there are certain social situations and relationships we just don’t miss. The truth could hurt just a little but our presence at something isn’t what seals the deal. I think that we have also all realized that down time has it’s value too. I sincerely hope that we all come away from this thinking about time differently.

Let’s not all go back to being busy all the time and if we do lets make sure a significant amount of that busy time is things that nourish us. It’s a cliche but time is the only finite resource we’re all wasting without a second thought. I also hope that we will all be less tolerant of someone wasting our time going forward. I hope that we all take some time to think about how we want to spend our time going forward. Because if we don’t take this last moment of calm to do so we might be missing an oppertunity.

Take some time this weekend and think about how you want to spend your time when this is all over. Do you still want to have the opportunity to keep up with your hobbies or maintain a more flexible schedule. Maybe you won’t get there the very moment things return to normal but keep those thoughts in your mind going forward. Notice what’s working for you and what’s not and be prepared to make some changes to get there. This weekend might be the perfect time to start thinking about it!

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