Is 2021 going to be a hot girl summer for you?

Because I think it should be! Regardless of size, age, budget or even gender! I’ve just recently learned about this meme, because I am old, but I like it! After some googling I found out that maybe we were all supposed to have a hot girl summer last year but… that probably didn’t go according to plan so I’m calling for a do over. Before I even knew the internet wanted me to have a hot girl summer I sort of already decided to on my own, we’ll get into that. But I really like this new name. I’ll bet most of you don’t imagine yourselves having a hot girl summer just like the music video that goes with it but Megan herself said that we can take it as we see fit. 

The ‘end’ end of a crisis

While the total end of the pandemic is still likely some years away things should be pretty relaxed comparatively at some point this summer. Hopefully it will be at least like our summer was last year. We could go to the beach in our bubbles and even in groups up to 10 without social distancing or masks outdoors. I’m not sure music festivals will be a thing this summer but camp fires and guitars sure could be. There is a centuries old tradition of celebrating the end of a pandemic and hopefully this time won’t be any different. Fun fact these celebrations usually came after over a decade of illness so a year and a half is a pretty good with the power of vaccines! 

So if people want to go a little crazy this year I say let them! Provided they can safely do so. So I say use your hot girl summer to stay up all night, dance until dawn and go skinny dipping if that sounds good to you. Actually that all sounds not at all terrible really given the right circumstances. So let loose as much as you want to this summer and maybe the Karen’s out there could just turn a blind eye?

For a lot of people this will be their first break in a long time

Most of us are just desperate to get out of the house and have something resembling a good time. They want to get back to what they used to do everyday. That might be work, see your friends, or traveling. For lots and lots of people we’re just desperate for a break. I imagine front line health care workers, janitorial staff, shippers, long term care workers and grocery workers haven’t had the time off they might be used to. If cases were to rise when they had booked time off it very well might have been canceled. For us this last year and a half was a lot like that most of the time but we are lucky that we were in control of our own schedule. We didn’t take a whole lot of breaks and when we did we felt pretty guilty. Honestly for us this summer is looking pretty booked up too. So if you find that for some of your friends and family idea of a hot girl summer is actually laying on the couch in last week’s pj’s with unwashed hair watching Netflix for hours, remember that’s okay too.

A good excuse to indulge a little

Many of us won’t do things for ourselves very often unless forced. But when we do it though feels just great and we’re often left saying ‘I should do this more often.’ Maybe the prevalence of the #hotgirlsummer hashtag will be the excuse we all need to indulge a little bit. I say whatever works. We’ve had it about as easy as anyone could and it’s still been a hell of a year! If left to my own devices given a day off with perfect weather I will usually just go to work. I think honey is the same but when he gives me a day off (and I go to work) he’ll usually hop in the boat. 

Why I need the idea of a hot girl summer

For us Covid has made us very, very busy even for us. It all started when we were working on a full gut for people moving here this last summer. We were only signed up to get it roof tight but then they couldn’t come finish themselves. So we stayed until flooring and primer putting us months behind on a lot of other jobs, we even lost one. Homeowners, including a lot of our customers wanted all sorts of things done last year too. So covid made us very busy at a time when people were less busy. I stayed busy until December if you can believe it. Through the winter we were monday to friday 9-4 busy which was a nice break. But that’s not why I need a hot girl summer.

Here’s the thing if I don’t have someone or something making me do something fun I’ll just go to work. Last summer I didn’t even make time for running. That didn’t feel great mentally at all. So I signed up for my first marathon… one extreme or the other right? But I’m also almost always happy I did the fun thing. Plus I really do think that we all need a little push to slow down and maybe even embrace all of our hotness. Whether you call it a bucket list or a hot girl summer remember that if you don’t plan to make it happen it probably won’t!

My idea of a hot girl summer

I do have big plans for a hot girl summer of my own this year. Like I said I started planning for it before I even knew of the concept. Those things include training for my virtual Boston Marathon and spending some quality time on the boat. Realistically that means freeing up a decent amount of time when the weather is good later in the season, which can be financially and logistically hard to do. So I have been working a lot now to make that happen. I have in fact bought a kinda stupid number of boat outfits that are probably things you wouldn’t see your average 40 year old wear. I’ve bought lots of red things that match the boat and blue things that contrast with it. This is the thing it’s our first summer with this boat and it is NOT subtle. Just imagine Miami Vice, just way less subtle. We won’t have it forever so you know what this almost 40 year old is going to rock mini skirts and crop tops whether they are in style or not! However when it comes to bathing suits I think I’ll stick with what I have. The bottoms now are a little too hot girl summer for me! 

I also signed up to do the virtual Boston Marathon which means my milage load will be intense for August and September. That means lots of very early mornings, a big sleep debt and reduced work hours. So I’ve gotten myself a helper this year and there is lots of time to get her working independently by then. Since I’m responsible for my income alone that also means I need to get A LOT of hours in before this all shakes down. So the first step in achieving my hot girl summer dreams is actually putting my nose to the grindstone now.

In terms of post COVID stuff It’s been a bit sucky that we can’t spend time with the littles on both sides as freely as we would like. For big chunks of the last year that hasn’t been an issue here but ironically at the ‘end’ of this our situation in Nova Scotia has gone down hill a bit. We’ve been able to gather as a family specifically at my sister’s house but not as often at my mom’s. I hope we get to spend more time with the little one in honey’s family this summer than we did last year. Last year we were able to go out to the islands and hang out with great people. Now that that’s in jeopardy I regret the choices I made not to last summer.

I think having a hot girl summer (or hot person summer if you prefer) is exactly what we all need at this moment in time. It’s the push we all need and in a pretty non-serious way. This past year has been more than serious enough! So think about what you want your summer to look like, maybe fill out this summer bucket list printable and have your best summer in years. What are the things you’re looking forward to the most as part of your hot girl summer? Leave it in the comments below!

You don’t want to feel like you missed out at the end of the summer!

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