Weekend Motivation 106

Runners, athletes and especially endurance athletes hear it all the time. “I could NEVER do that.” It seems though as much as you reassure them that they could no one ever believes you. At least once or twice a year I line up and do something that was in fact truly impossible for me just a few months earlier. I’m sitting here tonight thinking about the half I’ll be finishing in 34 hours. In June THIS would have been impossible for me too! For about a decade before I ran my first one I stayed thinking “I could never do that, it’s just impossible for me.”

The thing is you can do it and we know it, truthfully it isn’t even that hard. Sure it’s physically hard, mentally hard and requires commitment, time and energy to accomplish but it is totally possible. Doing a triathlon or marathon really is nothing compared to the really hard life stuff we all go through. The very moment you start training the very real possibility that you do becomes a reality. In life and in running just putting one foot in front of the other is the first step and all the steps after that.

I really think everyone should try, train and accomplish something they think is impossible. It’s a great metaphor and lesson for life. Once you’ve done it once you feel more confident that you can do it again. That might be why the weekend warrior in your office is always the most positive one. This weekend think about something that seems impossible to you and then decide to go for it!

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