Weekend Motivation 107

CHANGE IS SCARY! Especially if you don’t absolutely have to do it or if you’re otherwise in a happy place. Let’s face it even if everything is only good enough staying where you are right now definitely feels the most comfortable. The change can even be demonstrably and rationally the right choice but that doesn’t mean you won’t be terrified. Little changes that really don’t make a huge difference overall can even lead to a heightened sense of anxiety at first. Little things like driving a pickup for the first time daily, quitting a bad habit or upping your fitness game a notch. None of those things are really mentally hard or more than a physical annoyance really but I found them all lightly terrifying at the time.

Fall race season is here or even on it’s way out so your big day is coming quick or in the very recent rear view at this point. That might mean your going through some crazy big changes right now. Things like scheduling your time, putting yourself first or pounding the pavement logging those miles. One of the top three reasons I’m a big proponent of mixing the odd race into your regular training is that involves change in a very easy to tolerate way. It’s just good practice for the next big change in your life.

Even if you feel silly or dramatic lining up on race day don’t worry you’re not alone whether you admit it or not. While you’re out there this weekend remember you’re choosing to do something that scared you a little bit now so that the next big change doesn’t scare you quite as much!

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