Weekend Motivation 105

Maybe you’re done for the season, good for you and sorry about the FOMO you’re currently experiencing BTW. I’m not quite done yet, in fact it’s peak week and it’s getting hard ya’ll. But on race day I’ll be stoked I did all this hard training. This week I even picked up my super cute (not rain approved) pirate outfit. I don’t think I’ll be fast enough for a PR this year but you never know? I’m starting to think a lot about potential race paces. I feel like when I cross the finish line of my third half marathon I’ll start to feel pretty confident about number 4 at least.

That got me to thinking life is pretty great right now. If fact everything’s pretty much coming up roses. Yeah that is a bit of a brag but stay with me here… We have lot’s of work lined up, the relationships in my life are pretty great, actually I can’t really think of anyone I have a serious beef with. I’ve been totally healthy for years now and my knee hasn’t even acted up in 2+ years *knocks wood*. I have lots of self-care built into my life these days and for the moment some free time. I’m going to take this moment and revel in it as long as I can.

Of course things haven’t always been that way, not at all. Like anyone else all of those things, money, relationships, health and my mental well-being haven’t always been perfect. Here’s the thing we all also know. All it takes is one phone call, one knock at the door or one twist of fate to throw that all askew. So yeah, I gonna enjoy this moment while it lasts. Here’s the other thing all of those tough, tough roads led me to where I am today. It’s actually kind of a great thing that I’ve had rough spots in my relationships for example because that made them stronger overall. Having set backs in training and injuries made me value that aspect of my life more and made me a better athlete.

Besides that, when has anything ever just not worked out in the long term. Whether you are out there running a physical road or a metaphorical one trust that that road is taking you to a beautiful spot. It always seems to in the end!

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