Bare Minimum Half Training 9: Almost Peak Week and Finishing Last Week

One thing and then right back to running, I swear. I had no idea that after 16 years together the act of getting married in a simple, low-key ceremony would make us feel or act differently. But here we are a bit more than a week out we’re still all kissy-faced and staring into each other’s eyes and it’s pretty nice! So I decided how to handle last week’s skipped run and I don’t think it was listed officially as an option. I just picked up with that one and if this week’s training runs into taper time by a few days, so be it. Peak week is here finally and I have to say it feels different on this plan than more intense half training plans I’ve followed in the past. Usually I’m pretty sick and tiered of running at this point but not this time. I am slowing down as I have in the past but I’m still loving running. I plan on writing a post about how the bare minimum plan went overall but I figure that’s best left until after the race.

Wednesday: Last week’s long run was next on the list, skipping it just didn’t feel right. The plan calls for the longest run to be 18 km like today, but I know I’ll feel better squeezing in a 20. My run was delayed by over an hour so it meant going in the heat of the day. I love summer so I don’t mind that but heat should always factor into your plan even if you feel totally fine. For me that means lots of water, planning a route to buy more on the way and reminding myself to take it easy.

I was feeling nervous so I decided to head in the more familiar direction I used to head in for long runs. I needn’t have worried though, the run went fine but conditions were hot. I ran by 5 beaches along the side where the cars park at the very end. I try and you should too, to remember that even if I’m feeling strong and getting faster I am in fact really very tiered. At that point you might not be processing information well and its important to stay aware. When the beaches are crowded like on Wednesday people often park like idiots along the sides of the road and even in it. 

Saturday: We had a great day first off to the farmers market and then it was a perfect boat day. First husband honey insisted that it was time for a run so I could just enjoy the rest of the day. It was really hot but I didn’t have to go hard on this one. It was also the long weekend and the beaches were crazy busy.Here’s the thing though back to back I had two guys approach me one in a crappy way and one sweet way. When I was about a km away from home a younger guy literally hung out of the backseat window of his buddy’s truck and made the crabby hands gesture while yelling something at me I didn’t hear. I gave him the finger and I’m not really sorry. This is the age of me too and no scrubs (thanks destiny’s child) how can anyone think this sort of thing is okay anymore. Thankfully this sort of thing happens pretty infrequently but come on! If you ever happen to see a female runner dressed however they are I’m here to tell you it’s for her and not for you!

Then right after that an old man ran down to the end of his lawn to give me a bug goofy wave. He was 90 years old if he was a day and his big toothless grin made me smile too form ear to ear. That’s about all you should do if you want a lady runner to notice you, smile and wave. At least due to him I ended up at home in a good mood.

Monday: The day of 2 runs… First I set out for my 11km tempo run. It’s been hard to get going this week since I’ve pretty much wanted to just sit at home and absorb the newlywed glow. I got cheered out the door and some ‘you can do it’ texts along the way which was very nice. I kept up a pretty good pace which was great but ran a pretty boring route. I came home switched clothes, ate something and hydrated and hit the road again.

Run 2: 6k full disclosure I was okay with it if I ended up walking this one. I didn’t but I did let myself walk yo a big hill or two. I also had a mushroom picking break along the way. The sections I did run were about as fast as that tempo run earlier in the day. I’ve never really done the two-a-day thing before and though I was tiered it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t fun either but my thighs felt like jello and I was itchy, go figure.

This week is my last week of training and we’re going to loose at least a day due to a hurricane, so we’ll see how that goes. That sprint by the way also during that hurricane so I think I’ll pass for now.  Next week I’ll let you all know how this week’s training went and post in the comments if you’re doing you’re 1/2 or full or whatever training along with me! You can download my bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan here!

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