Olympic Triathlon Training Update 4: Lots of Running and a Brick

This week really seemed like a running week and I was cool with that. I also got to musing this week about whether yoga might actually be bad for runner’s knee. Or I should say I mused more about whether yoga is bad for runner’s knee. I would love to know your feelings about that as well. Not to cover ground we’ve already been over in this post but there does seem to be a yoga is the solution for anything that ails you, at least in the yoga world. Plus it slices, dices and chops right. Meh, maybe not. This week wasn’t terribly busy but involved all sorts of painting on days that end in Y, so that’s getting monotonous but it’s about a day and a half from being over. I’m also really wanting to go on a run with my trainees at some point and I feel bad putting them off week after week. But right now I’m not putting any pressure on myself there for now. This will all be over on the 21st of next month so there is lots of summer and fall left after that! So how did training go this week, read on! PS I got an awesome picture of me running this week!


Tuesday: Advanced Ashtanga Class: Amazing studio, sail loft and amazing teacher, Cathy. The thing is every time I do yoga even at home my knee is set back at least a week or so. And I try not to try which is ironic since I’m triing! Ok I’m done with spelling puns now.

Wednesday: 8km run: I used to pretty much only run in the spring and fall when conditions were ideal now summer running is my favourite and to a point about 31 c (90 f) the warmer the better. You go slow, drink lots of cold water, find shade where you can and welcome the wind plus lots of other tips. It was a balmy 25 on Wednesday and a great run. I got to try out a new singlet I bought over the winter. I have zero shame and love running in my sports bra but when I saw this light green low cut mesh singlet with virtually no sides I though it might be perfect for when I technically should keep a top on, like say the community Terry Fox Run. Turns out I was right Though my knee did hurt hella bad. The transition to heat did make me a bit slower and pant a lot but I do love me some vertical tanning.

This is the amazing picture!

Friday: 5k run: We had dinner at my mom’s on Friday night where honey ate pretty much a rack of ribs and I ate this amazing portobello burger (stacked steak maybe) so I had to get up early. My cat alarm went of at 5:15 and my running alarm at 6:20 but I don’t think I fell back asleep, it’s light at 5 am now, isn’t that crazy? Good short run, not a fast one but I was in a wicked good mood after that!

Saturday: Brick: 30km and 8km: Brick workouts seem to loom large in the schedule even more so than a long run during a running only training plan. We actually took the weekend off for the first time in ages but we ended up working quite a bit on Saturday. Our quick run up the road to see a few customers ended up taking over four hours and by the time we were home it was raining with a chance of lightning. So I took the time to go into my favourite Bike Shop (Sportswheels, in Sackville) and get some advise and order some new rubber for my road bike. I’m not sure the exact type I bought I’ll update you next week when I pick them up but they are a 28mm sort of hybrid foldable race tire with a slick in the middle and a decent tread on the side. Plus tubes and tire levers in pink since TBSG (the bike shop guy) said they will make my life easier.

I asked for tiers that would allow me to use the bike on the trail after the race even if they cost me a few km/hr on the day. At least starting off on the road bike I know I’ll feel better on the trail than the road just to get used to the feel, then riding the drops and maybe even the tri-bar that came with it, maybe. Plus the trail in my immediate area is hella smooth right now. So we picked out a tire just like that but it was only available in a more expensive race version, since my rims were already upgraded I decided to treat myself and just go for it. Also TBSG told me that since my bike was a tad older it’s not as delicate as I’m afraid of and that it’s crazy light for the original retail price and it has a lot of upgrades. Score! I talked a bit about the process I went through to buy it in this post. But the short story is I waited for the right bike at the right price on a online classified site for about 4 months.

So onto the brick workout then. The lead up to a big workout can make me anxious and tough to be around. So honey at one point was like just do it and get it over with so you can be happy again. Twice this week when we got home my bike had been knocked over so this one started with me putting the chain back on. Remember how I just said the Traill was smooth right next to my house, not so much 15 km away, but that section is getting re-done soon, my connections tell me. So on my mountain bike it was a bit more fun that I was expecting at the furthest point. There was even one puddle I HAD to go through, although I did pick up a grindy on the way back which made the trip home a tad more challenging. One thing though, I did have to pass a pack of 15 older cyclists with big packs on either side. Even though I rang my bell, they turned and acknowledged me and that I was going MUCH faster than them, they refused to move to the right, or any side. In fact they stayed two and even three abreast on the narrow trail! Not only is that rude, it’s dangerous for me and for them! Despite the rules and the often off leash dog walkers people up there do a generally great job of yielding and being respectful, ESPECIALLY the ATVs (quads) who generally pull over and even occasionally kill the engine to let you pass. Or they stay behind you until you notice them and slowly pass you mostly in the woods. I really think that if you don’t know the most basic of rules you shouldn’t be up there until you inform yourself. PS stay tuned to getwifed for an upcoming basic running and cycling etiquette post on a related note. This time I wore my new to me MEC hydration pack, rather than forgetting bike water entirely, and drained 2 litres out of it. On a related note, probably, it was a great ride.

too tiered and too late to do a runfie

When I got off the bike I knew we had stuff to do later and I once again really toyed with cutting the run short, but I didn’t. The same brick effect was just as strong and I did a decent amount of cursing running down the long driveway but I took it in stride a tad more. I did pay close attention to my pace at the start which won’t be an option on race day. I’m not to worried about that. I’m just going to go slow enough to not feel like falling, generally slowing myself down and when I hit the water station (2.5 k in) start to evaluate my effort level. This time my run was a lot faster, more pleasant and involved almost no walk breaks. I don’t think I’ve gotten super-fitter, those abs though! I mostly put it down to the extra water. Does anyone know if you’re allowed to wear a hydration pack on the bike during a triathlon?

Monday: 1000m swim: My Sunday swim turned into a Monday swim because father’s day is a busy day when you’ve had 4 kids and now a grandchild in the past. I didn’t but honey did. Plus a lot of tutoring. I really tried on Monday but it was too cold, and raining which should have no effect but does, plus you know leaches, so this will have to be put over until next week and I’m caving and headed to a pool tomorrow, hangs head in shame.

If you’re interested in the plan I’m using it’s the realistic olympic triathlon training plan I wrote available here. While you’re there check out my other plans too including the new bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan, more info here. What are you training for this season?

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