Weekend Motivation 41

You might have gathered by now I'm not a winter person I'm 100% a summer person. All of the good things happen in summer; paddle boarding, race season, long days, beach walks, body surfing, wharfing, fresh mowed lawns, running with a breeze on your belly and mountain biking. I could go on but you get... Continue Reading →

How Fitness Becomes an Addiction

We all know someone, probably, that seems to take exercise too far. We also probably know by now that anything can become an addiction. Eating, not eating, sex, wine, harmless bickering or cleaning all seem like great things but we can take them too far. I’ve been exercising a lot lately and I don’t think... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 40

Right now I'm tackling a new challenge fitness wise and that's my very first olympic triathlon. You might think I could never do that or that I must be and incredibly confident person in taking on new challenges. Actually it's quite the opposite. Doing new big things scares me just as much as the next... Continue Reading →

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