Weekend Motivation 40


Right now I’m tackling a new challenge fitness wise and that’s my very first olympic triathlon. You might think I could never do that or that I must be and incredibly confident person in taking on new challenges. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Doing new big things scares me just as much as the next person, very possibly more. Wether it’s starting grad school, moving in with someone for the first time, or tackling a race that seems impossible I think about it obsessively, get anxious and it freaks me out entirely for lack of a better word. But I know that my personality means if I do only what’s comfortable I’ll live in a very small little world. I want to live in a world that’s ever expanding just like the universe itself and doing things that scare me on the regular is the only way I’ll ever get there. So whether it’s something big or small the next time you’re presented with the opportunity to do something good that scares you, take it!

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