Weekend Motivation 41

worth the wait

You might have gathered by now I’m not a winter person I’m 100% a summer person. All of the good things happen in summer; paddle boarding, race season, long days, beach walks, body surfing, wharfing, fresh mowed lawns, running with a breeze on your belly and mountain biking. I could go on but you get the picture. Winter well that’s all white knuckle drives and cold and Christmas so maybe one or two good things but I’m still all for summer! We’ve had a SLOW spring this year full of cold, frost and snain (snow + rain) and so we’re still not in full leaf around these parts but it’s finally happening. My Friday run last week was full of blooms and even though these are plain old apple blossoms I’m SO excited that they’re finally back. Like most great things in life spring flowers are worth waiting for!

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