Triathlon Freak Out Post (Free Training guide excerpt)

As this las week has ticked by I’ve been getting more and more amped up before my first olympic distance triathlon. I started writing down all the things that came to mind should I forget anything. My  race day checklist has come in handy and so I’m sharing it with all of you for free here! Check out the whole plan here! Plus other stuff since it’s my first (1 night) race-cation. Should I learn anything in the process you’ll all get updated on that too. Please forgive the sort of disorganized list like quality to this one but that’s how my head’s been so it felt right. This week was all sitting then racing off to deal with stuff so that kept me pretty distracted which was probably a good thing. By the way this post is going live as I line up to swim so if you leave a comment I’ll see it as soon as I’m done!


Questions to Ask at check in

– hydration pack, can I wear this on the bike?

– glasses, how do we deal with those?

Things to figure out

Shower: We have to check out at 11 am which is way before I’m done, like way before so how do I not stink everyone out on the way home? Answer salt water showers the beach and a tiny shampoo in the race day bag!

Weather: As is always the case with my big races, it’s gonna rain. Not a huge deal for me but poor spectators once again. Lots of ziplocks in various sizes should work. Plus umbrellas for the cheer squad!

Drive By: The park is open until 11 the night before so we’ll head over and take a look the evening before and I can run my splits on the beach like I do at home. I have this weird fear of falling and scuffing myself up so I like to do it on a nice sandy beach plus if the weather’s good enough it might be a great time for a fun swim for all!

Bib holder: That epic pre-race email came in and it’s tats for the swim with a cap chip, tags and a helmet sticker for the ride and I’ll pin my number on to my race belt for the run.

Transition set up and order: We only have the width of our bikes underneath for the transitions this year since she’s sold out! I keep it minimal and this will keep me up the night before as always.

KT Tape should I use it: Gonna have to after the run so I bought another roll of the extreme stuff. I’ll tuck and extra set into my race day belt incase I need to reapply during the run.


Life Plan

– Arrive and pick up kit by 4

– Check in at accommodations

– Drive bike around after putting it back together, bike shop still opened just in case

  • Course drive by and swim
  • Garlic fingers and supper
  • Family bowling, this might be the whole reason honey is excited
  • Alone time by 9:30 and morning prep

Packing List – In addition to checklist

-Alarm clock

-Camel Back

-Water Bottles



-Computer, iPad, Phone, Camera and chargers, external hard drive (movies to fall asleep in case wi-fi is out)

-Easy post race make-up

  • Pillow and teddy bear (it might make it easier to sleep in a new place)
  • Tiny shampoo
  • bum bag

Here’s my pre-triathlon checklist from my training guides for your enjoyment too!


Item/ Task


Any medication you might need


Body glide or Vaseline for chaffing



Swim Cap


Phone/ camera


Post race change of clothes,

Running shoes

Post race food, drinks

Cycling shoes

Post race underwear, shoes and a sweater

Bike repair kit

Running clothes

Cycling clothes


Race number/ belt

Set extra alarms

Hydration belt

Bike rack on car

Filled water bottles

Bike on rack

Breakfast if eating on the way

Fill water bottles


Attach race number to belt or shirt

Bike number

Make breakfast

Food for race

Set out morning clothes


Set out keys, phone, purse etc


Attach bike number if possible

Tri suit/ bathing suit

Double check bike pack


Check tire pressure

Bike/ Aero bar

Pack bag

Pre-race drink

Charge watch

Directions to race


Here are a few more things I’ve been thinking about as well. One is I really don’t know what my time goal is and more so than ever before my goal is just to finish. I’d love to be under three hours but I don’t realistically thing that’s possible at least not this time. But I’m happy with my swim stoke, I’m as well practiced as I can be given the spring we’ve had on the road bike and well running isn’t an issue for me this year. In fact if (and when) I finish I’m over three hours this time I’ll reassess what’s possible for another year. It might be close to double my last sprint time which would put me in at about three hours and 25 minuets which seems about right but maybe faster than I’ll be given the doubling. When I add it all up that’s about the number I get to but I’m not at all confident I’m even in the ballpark. So I guess we’ll know by the end of the day? And I’m surprisingly okay with that.

I don’t want to put any pressure on anyone and I very well might be handling this bit wrong but I did think a lot about it. I’m not sure I’ll ever do this again or this race in particular so I would love to have as many pictures as possible and phones just don’t always get it done. Plus my mom and honey have a lot of talents but inane photography skills aren’t one of them. So I charged up my camera and I plan to casually ask my stepdad to shoot the race for me. He used to be really into photography and shoot Nikon so it makes sense. I didn’t want to put a lot of pressure on him for a long time leading up to so surprise! There’s an official race photographer too so hopefully I’ll get a few that are profile worthy.

Finally I’m really looking forward to this one. Tonight is my night before the night before super sleep. I asked honey how he thought I’d do and of course he said fine. He didn’t seem to think I was any less or significantly fit than only other time I’ve completed a big training plan but he said mentally I’m in a better place than I ever have been and I think so too. So if you’re freaking out the night or week before a big race know that you’re not alone. I feel like every time I sit down to think about it a hundred thoughts flood my mind all at once. Have you ever felt this way before a big race? Or do you always/ never freak in they days leading up to a race?

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