Weekend Motivation 149

Right now I’m writing about why and how we talk ourselves out of things before we ever even start. So spoiler alert you can look forward to reading all about that in the very near future. But I’ve been thinking a lot about it. About 5 years ago I stopped doing that when it comes to fitness challenges but I realized that maybe, just maybe I still do in other aspects of my life. It’s not a sad story though I think it’s because I’m pretty happy with my life overall. I’m healthy, as I get older my relationships just get better, I have more than I need and I have hobbies that fulfill me. What more can a gal ask for, things are pretty good! Plus there’s a Polish saying I grew up with that goes “a woman didn’t have any problems so she bought herself a cow.”

That’s weird right? Basically the moral is be careful of taking on something new that complicates your life. I guess the modern equivalent might be “stay in your lane.” I wrote a little while ago about side hustles and some things that might help you with yours. Truthfully mine has been going pretty well lately. I have more work than I imagined possible when I started out last year. A couple of weeks ago honey even pointed out in passing that I can’t do it all on my own. That stuck with me and bugged me because I slowly came to the realization that he was right! I also realized that I don’t want to turn stuff down. He also suggested some of his occasional employees that might be able to help me out. So today for the first time ever in all my side hustles I’ll have an employee! And truthfully it freaks me out a little but it is starting something new. But I’ve realized that even if it doesn’t go well at first I’ll still be further ahead in the long run. Really it’s a textbook case of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

So whether you’re a weekend warrior already or just thinking about starting out on your fitness journey get moving this weekend and start thinking. Somehow thinking on the move is always so much more productive! What are the things or ideas you have been talking yourself out of for forever now? Why is that? I’ll warn you though you’re really going to have to dig deep and be honest though because that’s just how good we are at squashing those thoughts. It might be a work thing, a family thing or a health thing. Instead of talking yourself out of it this time find the hidden possibilities in all the what ifs!

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