What is Self-Care Really?

Buckle up folks because I’m about to get all sorts of salty. I’m sick and tiered of seeing pictures of bubble baths, face masks, cheesecakes, glasses of wine and pretty nails with #selfcare. Those things are really just treats if I’m feeling gentle or hedonistic indulgences if I’m not. Self care has mostly morphed into... Continue Reading →

Is There Really a Problem with BMI?

If you’ve ever been underweight, overweight or on the internet you probably heard about BMI or body mass index. You’ve probably also head there might be issues with using BMI as a measure of health. But is that even true? Is BMI the most important number indicating health or something you can basically ignore. Today... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 123

I've made new years resolutions in the past some have stuck others haven't. I've quit smoking, biting my nails, drinking totally and meat as of new years gone by. I've started certain conservation efforts, running consistently and blogging this time of year too. Others have been less successful like last year's resolution to curse less,... Continue Reading →

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