Weekend Motivation 123

I’ve made new years resolutions in the past some have stuck others haven’t. I’ve quit smoking, biting my nails, drinking totally and meat as of new years gone by. I’ve started certain conservation efforts, running consistently and blogging this time of year too. Others have been less successful like last year’s resolution to curse less, that one’s been a F#%kin’ disaster. Here’s the thing it’s a new year’s resolution not a January resolution after all. That means instead of 30 chances to get it right you have 12 times that to make progress. Give yourself the year to make changes and then you have way more chances to get it right!

Even if you don’t have any resolutions this year the possibilities of a new year are there for everyone. Even if you have a definite clear plan week by week of how the year will go there will be curve balls. There always are! Don’t let one or a few bumps in the road throw you off course, you have the whole year after all! Don’t think for one second that a certain day has passed and now it’s just too late. You have the whole year to recover, change or challenge yourself. You never know which of those 365 days everything will fall into place and make the year for you. Treat each day as if it’s soaked in great possibilities because it is! One might even happen for you this weekend!

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