Basic Cycling Etiquette

Alright I get it cycling got cool again a few years ago especially amongst hipsters and then baby boomers which then sorta drove the hipsters away. But it’s actually been and established thing for a while now so if you’re gonna do it, do it right! This post was brought on by a large group... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 45

I think most of us already know where our happy place is the thing is we just don't make it a priority to get there. For me it's totally, totally my bike and for honey it's his RC's. I love riding my bike out in the woods all by myself and ideally with no deadline... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 32

One cool thing about running, cycling, being outdoors and maybe working out in general is that it gives you the opportunity to learn these tiny little lessons that can have such a big impact in your wider life. Last week I got to go on an amazingly beautiful Peggy's Cove and took lots of amazing... Continue Reading →

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