Weekend Motivation 45

happy place

I think most of us already know where our happy place is the thing is we just don’t make it a priority to get there. For me it’s totally, totally my bike and for honey it’s his RC’s. I love riding my bike out in the woods all by myself and ideally with no deadline to return. I have to put a plug in here for cyclemeter and app that tracks my progress and sends updates to honey automatically because it helps keep me safe and you should check it out too. The thing is there are so many reasons not to get on my bike, I have to work on it first, a run is so much easier, I have no clean socks I should be blogging so I don’t do it as often as I should. But there is literally NOTHING more important than taking care of yourself in the best ways you know how. So this weekend makes some time to visit your happy place!

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