Weekend Motivation 47

For some friends and acquaintances today was not such a great day and so we spent the day helping out and fishing lots of fishing. I know we've all had those days where the main thing keeping us going is the thought that this day must end eventually. Hell I have one every second month.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 30

I took this picture last week at the tail end of a storm. It's just a picture of our beach with some heavy surf at low tide. Notice the big container ship that pulled into the bay to escape the storm. A lot of people don't know but the sand on a beach comes and... Continue Reading →

How to Take Better Pictures Tomorrow

We all want to take better pictures no matter what camera you have, even if that's the one on your phone. These tips are truly easy, not switch to manual mode and extolling the virtues of manual focus. With summer (supposedly) around the corner you might want to get the prefect beach shot, landscape, flowers... Continue Reading →

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