Weekend Motivation 73

I lived in this community that I run in now for most of my life and I always knew it was beautiful. I mean why else would the tourists come every summer? It does wind around the ocean and is full of rocky shores, beaches and darling coves full of boats and wharfs. But I... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 50

Go onto almost anyone's fashion blog, insta feed or beauty channel and it's spectacular. We all buy into that and I do too! We all present a curated version of ourselves online and the horse has left the barn a long time ago on that one. If fact it even crossed my mind that posting... Continue Reading →

The Science of Skincare Ingredients

If you read the about me portion of this blog you’ll notice a blurb about being a lady of a certain age no matter your marital status. Things have certainly changed for me since my early 20’s and that’s what getwifed is all about.  One of those thing that starts to be a concern when... Continue Reading →

Weekend Motivation 22

One of the great things about running in the world is that you get to see so much of it so closely, and at least for me relatively slowly. You would never notice the perfect opportunity for a wish, a little Butterfly friend or a bunch of kids playing in the park if you were... Continue Reading →

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