Checklist of Things to do BEFORE You Paint Your Nails!

Not every post on here is going to be super serious but if I’ve had a problem chances are someone else has to. With that in mind I bring you, drumroll please, a list of things to do before you paint your nails! A few years back I resolved for new years to stop bitting. The biggest piece of that puzzle was to always keep my nails painted. Still now if they happen to be bare or too chipped I’m back to bitting. Nothing is worse, alright a lot of things are actually worse, than having to do something that you know will mess up your nails just after they’re done. I started putting this together just for me but I like to share. So here are the things to knock off the list before you start at night.

b4you paint your nails

  • Get a sweater, take it off or change your clothes
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Change any toggle settings on your phone


  • Brush your hair or put it up
  • Wash your face, apply winkle cream, brush your teeth
  • Get a drink
  • Take any medications
  • Take off or put on your socks
  • Pet and feed your dog
  • Make sure your bed is made
  • Pack your lunch
  • Have a snack
  • Scratch any itches you might have
  • Is it garbage day tomorrow?
  • Depending on length type any texts or emails you have to type
  • Do you have wet laundry in the washer?
  • Did you leave anything in the car or your purse or god forbid your pockets?
  • Light your candles

I pretty much have my nails painted all the time. Largely for the non-bitting thing but also because I thing it looks pretty. Even though I mostly work in the construction field I think it’s worth it! Last year I wrote about the nail polishes that are literally tough as nails and some that are not! It was pretty popular at the time so go check it out. See not life changing stuff, or is it?


Now I know, I just know, I forgot something on this list! So what is it?

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