Weekend Motivation 53


Canada is a really, really big country, like really big, second only to Russia. American’s say as big as Texas while Nunavut is literally three times as big as Texas and 8 of our 13 provinces and territories are bigger than Texas so we’re not all that impressed with the size of Texas up here. Our western most province British Columbia (about twice as large as Texas) is struggling terribly with wildfires at the moment to the point that this past weekend the smoke from those fires reached all the way over to my eastern most province Nova Scotia! That’s a long way, go check it on a map, I’ll wait. I know right! Well it stayed high up in the atmosphere and didn’t cause us any trouble but lead to some beautiful sunsets and rises. I even took this sunset looking picture a few hours after sunrise, see how high the sun is in the sky. Pretty cool eh?

However besides endangering and destroying peoples homes, habitats, causing evacuations and A LOT of worry air quality concerns have also lead to a boatload of race cancelations. We’re talking big races, ultras, ironmans and things people have been training for since the new year. It’s obviously necessary but how much would that suck? In unaffected areas race directors have been bending over backwards across the country to B.C. racers to make a few extra spots in their races if they can get there. Some registered racers have even been offering their bibs to those affected. Isn’t that amazing! People are posting things like “this is my third ironman so if you can get here you can have my spot if it’s your first time, you can even stay at my house and I’ll drive you to the race.” on social media. So more than some cool sunrises and pictures sometimes adversity does reveal real beauty in our lives. Think about that in your adventures this weekend! Would you do it? I’m pretty sure for a distance I’d covered before I would.

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