Weekend Motivation 50


Go onto almost anyone’s fashion blog, insta feed or beauty channel and it’s spectacular. We all buy into that and I do too! We all present a curated version of ourselves online and the horse has left the barn a long time ago on that one. If fact it even crossed my mind that posting pictures of my recent triathlon meant no make-up pictures on the internet forever, isn’t that stupid! But I’m a tad off topic from where I meant to be, but the idea is that we get the idea that things have to be extraordinary to be beautiful. Think of the full glam make-up look complete with false lashes, a body must be ripped and muscled to be beautiful or a house magazine shoot ready to be considered a home but beauty really is everywhere and in everyday! Chain grease on you chin can be the perfect post race picture, or is that just me? Any body that keeps you alive and moving forward is a wonderful thing and memories are what makes a house the perfect home. One day last week we were fishing on an admittedly perfect summer day in a less than perfect boat and I noticed this super cool cloud and that got me thinking. Let’s be honest no one is stepping away from technology like ever but one thing I love about exercising outdoors (with my phone and apple watch) is that it gets me away from all that for a while. No matter what mood you’re in all that stuff out there starts to seem beautiful in short order. Cute little bunnies cross your path, you realize the magnolias are starting to bloom or the sunrise (or sunset) is just perfect that day. So while you’re out there this weekend make sure you have your eyes open!

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