Weekend Motivation 73

I lived in this community that I run in now for most of my life and I always knew it was beautiful. I mean why else would the tourists come every summer? It does wind around the ocean and is full of rocky shores, beaches and darling coves full of boats and wharfs.

But I don’t think I realized just how beautiful it was until I started running and through more of it. Even though I mostly run on the main road, the one I drive down every day multiple times, it wasn’t until I ran through it I noticed just how beautiful it really is. I notice it way more when I’m running than biking making it that just right speed to take it all in. Yes I do mean ascetic beauty every little nook and cranny has a stunning view tucked just out of sight. Don’t believe me check out my instagram feed. Unfortunately I’m in most of them ruining the shot! It’s really, really hard to stay in a bad mood running through such a beautiful place.

In addition to how the place looks it feels pretty beautiful too. When you’re running you get to see the beautiful things people do for each other and the place. It could be a neighbor shoveling two driveways, the gardening committee tending the park, kids building a kick ass fort or the grown ups fixing it after a washout. It’s literally impossible to keep up a bad mood after seeing someone do something nice for someone else. So this weekend while you’re out there look for something beautiful you never noticed before.

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