Resolution ideas that make sense for 2021

New Year’s resolutions get a bad wrap but as long as you set specific and achievable goals then I think they can have a place in everyone’s life. I’m a big believer in resolutions because I’ve done some pretty life-changing stuff at this time of year. 2020 should have changed your perspective on things. If it didn’t you need to check yourself. This was a year with a focus on health. Even if you didn’t get sick we all took stock of our preexisting conditions. Lots of us also lost our jobs or had them change in a big way this year. We probably spent less time with some of our families than we wanted to all while spending way too much time with our immediate families. This year was one where it was hard to run too far or find many distractions from our problems. Other stuff that went on in the world this year made at least both sides of the political spectrum mad at some point and both sides would say that was for good reason. I’d like to believe that next year has to be better right but also that something this year taught us some really important lessons too. 

Normally when I provide you with lists I urge you to do all that make sense to you. Well, that’s not really realistic for making resolutions. The more you make the less sticky they are. If something here sparks change in you then great, commit and commit fully. But this is a list to get you thinking. Some of them aren’t even resolutions but rather ideas from this past year to help you make yours. I know this year taught me a few things and cemented some others. Things like no matter how busy I am, I still matter! Really there is nothing more important than my health, your health and we all have a big role to play in everyone’s health. It taught me how lucky I am and finally, it cemented what I always knew. That is that scientists should be the hero in like ALL the movies!


  • Get to a healthier weight
  • Prevent, reverse or manage your diabetes
  • Get up to date on all your vaccinations
  • Make a meal plan, shop accordingly and make it healthier. You’ll also save time and money
  • Since your choices impact the health of others make them the best you can for everyone
  • Find a fitness thing you can do by yourself, anywhere that you love
  • Recognize that self-care is rarely in it’s best form at the nail salon or spa

Work and money

  • Diversify your income source and start a side hustle
  • Find the perfect lipstick shade because zoom
  • Investigate government grants for lowering energy use in your home
  • Pick a time to do that ‘extra’ work and a time to turn it off at night
  • Think long-term about creating spaces in your home for everyone to get work done, clear their mind and get some peace. Because you never know right?
  • Normalize spending what you are comfortable with and can afford over feeling like you have to

Family and friends

  • Keep up the family pastimes
  • Do you need more boundaries in your life? There’s nothing wrong with laying down the law (nicely) but firmly
  • To a point taking a break from a relationship can be healthy
  • The people you missed the most should know that and why
  • Family can just mean the people you love the most, no one says you have to be related to them
  • Get therapy and help for relationships worth saving such as from a therapist
  • Join some online groups to find friends with common interests
  • Make time for other’s interests in your life too


  • Find a way to learn more and help people around you that need it
  • Find a way to fill a void you can see
  • Practice good citizenship 
  • Inform yourself about how your political system works and get involved in changing the things you don’t like from the inside of the machine
  • Keep finding great places and great things close to home
  • Help someone you don’t know every month
  • Help someone you do know every week

Environment and saving money

  • Eat less meat
  • Cut up some of the stuff in the donation bin for reusable cloths
  • Wash those cloths and then hang them to dry with the rest of your clothes
  • Do regular trash audits and if there is a lot of something in there see if you can find a different way to fill that need
  • Start to learn what’s in season and when
  • Normalize buying used goods in your life
  • Be aware of the things you buy and why you’re buying them

Lots of people dismiss the idea of new year’s resolutions in general. While I see why that might be the case I think doing so is a missed opportunity. Resolutions can be more nuanced than that. Rather then just resolving to to get fit and lose weight you can instead aim to move three hours a week on purpose and stop eating to the point of feeling stuffed. Getting fitter and losing weight will just sort of happen after that. I hope I got you thinking and more than anything else I hope you all have a great new year!

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