Valentines DIY Craft and Dinner Ideas

Being part of a couple, or having a couple of single friends maybe, can get a bit boring, repeatitipve and costly. Not that there is anything wrong with chocolate and flowers, actually bought honey some today but sometimes you feel like mixing it up a bit and the best gifts are really from the heart. I have a pretty strong tradition of making stuff for honey (but not taking pictures) and he at least says he likes it. When it comes to valentines day it’s all heart-shaped, red love themed food and hand made love themed cards. And dinner at a fancy restaurant can put a lot of pressure on you and you’re bank account. Since  I haven’t always taken pictures and many of my ideas were borrowed from others where possible I’ve linked to the original poster’s content in the photo captions. So here are some fun ideas that I’ve done in the past and some for this year. Let’s just hope honey is behind on his getwifed reading!

valentines DIY


  • Self shot boudoir book (done this, not sharing)
  • Remember when box
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.46.03 PM
This is my plan for this year since it’s been 15! Check it out here
  • Homemade copies of your favourite chocolate bars
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.51.27 PM
Not my picture but I made these one v-day check out the recipe here! Delicious and easy!
  • 52 things I love about you deck


  • Crochet tulips or flowers, these were for easter but it works
Mine didn’t come out like the picture but I’m still learning. Free pattern download here. Plus they recently got damaged (1 white one completely) by a visiting 4 year old.
  • A new ‘love mug’ every year see pancakes below


You can look on Pinterest like I did this year but just hand craft something that speaks to you. Here are a few of mine over the years. Honey’s super hero skill might bee picking the perfect card and his always make me tear up. Apparently this requires starting weeks in advance and reading more than three so I’m out.

For this year!


The way to a man’s heart IS through his stomach.

  • Heart shaped pancakes I used a dollar store pan to make these
IMG_3148 2
Just give it your best shot you don’t need a fancy pan, plus love mug!
  • Heat shaped donuts
  • Carrot hearts
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 11.33.05 PM
Not my picture you can see the original post here!
  • Bacon roses (makes for a messy pan though)
My rose but the instructions I used are here
  • Heart shaped meatloaf topped with red ketchup
  • Heart (ish) topped fancy coffee
  • Heart shaped muffins
Dollar store find you could really make anything in them!

Other tips

Head to your local dollar store for inspiration and thrifty savings I found the heart shaped frying pan there and the muffin tins. Full disclosure the frying pan doesn’t work that well but with lots of butter you can make it work. Try to let go of any perfectionist tendencies it’s supposed to be handmade, heartfelt and fun not stressful or absolutely perfect. For the single ladies get together make a strong, like really strong punch, with a fancy dress code and watch either rom coms or slasher films, I loved sex and the city episodes with my friends. Think PJ’s, prom dresses, superheroes or little black dresses. Also consider eating foods shaped like male genitalia, bonus points if they are crunchy, trust me after the punch it’ll be fun!

Do you have any great photos or ideas for homemade valentines gifts? Did your bacon roses turn out better than mine? Wanna share so I can save them for next year?

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