Name Change: Sweat Sweetly – The Blog Formerly Known as Getwifed

For at least a year now, maybe longer it’s been bugging me – getwifed that is. That’s the name I grabbed when I thought about starting a blog way, way back in 2015. At the time I was newly engaged and super excited about it (still am) and the term ‘getwifed’ was having a moment in the zeitgeist. Then I did pretty much nothing with it for two years. Fast forward to two years ago almost exactly, new years came (2017) and I thought if I’m going to give this a go this is as good a time as any, plus I already had a site and a name… So she stayed Getwifed for a while.

How getwifed came to be

It turns out though what I wanted to write about in 2017 was a lot different than I envisioned in 2015. It turned into a health and fitness thing for the most part and not so much a lifestyle and homesteading (making? something?) I did take me a little while to find my niche and my message but as I did that name started to feel more and more disconnected from what I was doing here. That and when my mom googled “what does get wifed mean” and reported back apparently the zeitgeist had changed. It’s been the best part of a year that I wanted to change it and had an idea of what it should change to, but this time I wanted to be sure. PS I also took about a year to think about the one and only tattoo I have and that’s worked out 18 years later so I’m pretty sure sweat sweetly is going to stick too.

Time for a change

One of the reasons I wanted to be sure is it turns out it’s a shit-ton of work to change it and this girl only wants to do that once! For the most part that’s all done but we’ll get there in a minute. I want to explain why I picked sweat sweetly and what it means to me. I wanted a name that matched the content, the brand if you will, but more so hit on the philosophy of what I’m trying to do here. Also alliteration, I’m into that. If anything I want my blog whatever we call it, to be a place that shows people the possibilities of taking care of yourself, inspires you to start and is free of that junky ‘lose 7 pounds of belly fat in 7 days’ content. I want the information I present to all of you to be true, well researched and hopefully helpful. I’d love to find out one day that just one person started to take their health and maybe fitness seriously impart due to something they read here. The old name said exactly 0% about that.

The thing is I also want it to be a place for dedicated exercisers and racers like me out there too. Most of us that line up on race day and log miles every week are never, ever going to win the thing and we’re cool with that. We probably won’t place in our age groups or even come in the top ten. I want to create a space for those people too. Lots of times these people get left out since they are neither a newbie or an elite and guess what you’re important too! For more on my feelings about this group, I love you all, check out this post in defense of the recreational athlete. So some of what I write about is tips, tricks and staying motivated for a lifetime all on your own.

Why Sweat Sweetly

With all of that in mind, I decided on the name Sweat Sweetly. Sweat because at least 75% of the content here is about fitness and health. Sweetly because positivity and one thing I know to be true is that sweating it out on the regular can bring sweetness to your life in so many expected and unexpected ways. It’s sappy I know, but getting healthier and fit never fails to bring so much more to your life than you ever expected. The expected things like more, confidence, energy, feeling and looking good are pretty awesome but often the unexpected things are so much sweeter. Things like stress relief, mental health boosts, rising to new challenges, dealing well with relationships and believing in yourself come as a shock and they can be even better! The truth of the matter is some of the things that taking your health and self-care seriously bring you are really individual but it can still be exactly what you needed. Don’t believe me try it for a year or watch a few episodes of a weight loss show. So I settled on sweetly to describe all of that stuff because this paragraph just isn’t going to fit in a logo or tag line.

You might have noticed that pattern that every second Wednesday we talk about something else besides health and fitness and I plan on sticking with that schedule. I guess you could say that all of that is pretty sweet too but that might be a stretch. Then again nothing is perfect. Which is to say I’m not planning any changes around here whatsoever so if that’s your favorite content it’s not going away. I think the time has come to have a name that better sums up what is going on here and I think that name is Sweat Sweetly, hopefully as time goes on it will age as well at that tattoo from almost 2 decades ago!

What you need to know

So last order of business here all the technical behind the scenes stuff. So far the domain name (aka url/address) hasn’t changed but it probably will be soon. I just haven’t totally figured out how to do that yet. PS I’d love some suggestions on that. I use hosting and I can change the address on there I just want to figure out how to also keep the getwifed address and traffic at least for a while probably without having to buy both from WordPress forever. This chick is still working on that, tips would be welcomed by the way. If you want to do it for me I’ll make you cookies and light candles for you while you work. When/if I do make the change I’ll be writing a blurb in each post leading up to and after for at least a month, so get ready to update your bookmarks!

What has changed in addition to the logo and handle is all of the other Channels you might interact with me on. All of the updated info is also live on the about page but I figured I’d list it here too. So let’s run through that shall we: (you never know another blogger might even find it helpful?)

Instagram: Now I role as @alliy_sweat_sweetly but if you follow me there you don’t need to do anything special you’re now in the new club.

Twitter: Same as above you don’t have to do anything new you are now following @sweatsweetly but I haven’t honestly mastered the power of twitter yet so…

Email: You can reach me at so update your address books but I’ll be monitoring the old one for at least the next year.

Facebook: Over of the FB you can find me using @sweatsweetly so that’s me in your newsfeed, sorry for any confusion. However… I’m going to actually have to call a real life person (if they exist) at facebook and argue my case for the name change. If that doesn’t work… well then I’ll let you know the new page deets later.

While we’re at it here’s the Pinterest page too!

So while the name is changing around here rest assured other things aren’t. If you’ve been through this process and have some pro tips please share, I’m willing to mail those cookies! Thank you for joining me on this next chapter of the journey with me you are all the reason I put my heart and soul into this each and every week. What do you think of the new name? Or… did you like to old one more?

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