Weekend Motivation 74

Spring is just around the corner, alright not really but a girl can dream, right? No matter the season, however summer is ideal, it’s great to make it a point to go out exploring and discover some new scenery. The thing is so many people only explore places that are right next to parking lots. You don’t have to drive far to take in some amazing scenery, you might not even have to drive at all! I heard a radio interview this past year with a local author who published a blog about all the waterfalls in Nova Scotia and he had finally made it to all of them. He listed the directions and degree of difficulty getting to each one. This coming year I’m going to make it a point to visit at least a few. Here is the link to his site (and the new one he’s still working on) in case this seems like fun for you too. Running and biking and in the odd case, swimming or paddling takes me to places I would never otherwise get to see.

The thing is for a lot of people unless they specifically set out to do some exploring and adventuring they never see anything besides the parking lot and what’s directly next to it. The funny thing about this from my perspective is the fact I live on one of the most popular beaches in the province. It’s right off the highway, it has it’s own parking lot just as big as the beach and trash cans that get emptied every night. The thing is it’s not that pretty of a beach. It doesn’t hurt my eyes or anything but why thousands of people drive here every weekend from the city to hang out on it beats me. For just a hair more effort they could get to some truly hidden gems that are way less crowded and a more beautiful experience. Like the one on the other side of the bay with roadside parking that’s on its own island. It’s accessible by a sand bar that’s ankle deep to chest deep depending on the tide.

This photo was taken during a ‘race’ in Noel on the Bay of Fundy tidal floor. It was the one run I got honey to do with me which you can read about here if you want. The thing is literally 0% of the views are visible from the parking lot and less than 10% are visible from the first 100m of the entrance of the park. Trust me all of Bruntcoat Head Park are amazing even past the famous island! Looking for some cool places to explore look at singletracks.com for some cool places to explore. They’re all bikeable but you can walk them too and destinations are worldwide.

So this weekend maybe vary you’re running route, rack the bike on the car and see something new! If it’s still too winter for you to do that it’s not too early to start making plans. Making plans is the first step in making memories.

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